About us

The initiative was founded by a Zimbabwean in 2017 but was launched in 2018 January. It attracts investors from all around the globe but it’s main goal is growing businesses making up the African Economy.

Our Mission is to Create business relationships to increase economic growth in Africa.

In our first week of operation most subscribers were entrepreneurs and businesses from Zimbabwe and we had a couple from Nigeria. We have potential investors that have indicated interest from South Africa and others from as far as India. This is huge considering the platform is only a couple of months old.

Our hope is for the platform to be endorsed by African Governments through the relevant ministries as an official investment facilitation platform.

Our Vision is to be an online platform that facilitates Discovery, Connection and Communication between businesses and potential investors looking to grow their wealth within businesses in Africa through direct investment or partnerships.

Every business looking for investment should be well positioned in the business world for it be noticed by potential investors. Potential investors also to be able to know enough about a business looking for investment to be able to decide whether or not to initiate or pursue that business relationship. Making sure that happens in the least possible time and in the most user friendly way all this is the very essence of our existence.